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Since 2005, Nafis Garrett has cultivated the nexus of art and luxury, in a multitude of forms including visual and tactile artwork, as well as meticulously tailored service experiences, with a single purpose: sharing exceptional creative services with his community. Nafis has partnered with clients ranging from individuals to small businesses and non-profit organizations with the goal of bringing art and luxury to every member of society. His offerings are as diverse as his clientele, but there is a single theme: providing excellent, tailored service to all.

As a creative services company, it is paramount to realize the significance of both words: creative & service. For us, our creative is authentically yours and distinctly memorable for your audience. Our service is quality without prejudice. We place enormous importance on the quality of our work as well as the quality of the experience we deliver. As artists, we love what we do so it’s important to us that our clients enjoy the experience we provide.

Our goal is to become synonymous with our client’s successes, starting with discovering their individual needs and us growing into an intuitive Creative Arts Powerhouse.

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