A LA Cart Services

 Nafis Garrett is able to custom design services for every member of society; the purpose of the A La Cart concepts listed below are to showcase the variety of available services to live a luxurious life more conveniently.

Children’s Birthday Planning

The Nafis Garrett Children’s Birthday Planning service enables you to provide the best celebration for your child. Services include original theme development; specialized table decor; tailored birthday gifts; party guest gift bags and thank you cards; customized invitations, balloons, and decorations; catering and dessert (with allergens and can’t haves in consideration).

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Art Club

The Nafis Garrett Art Club service provides clients with opportunities to host artwork on the walls of their homes and enjoy the experience of living with this artwork for 3 months before deciding to purchase.  The Nafis Garrett Art Club builds relationships with artists from around the world as part of its development of these home art tour installations throughout the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area. We coordinate the installation, insurance, and removal of any unsold artwork. We also negotiate the sale of the artwork to hosts.

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Day Planning

 How do you plan to spend a much-deserved free day, either by yourself or with a group of friends? The choices can be limitless and require thought and time you may not have in the course of a Washingtonian’s week. Nafis Garrett Day Planning service gives you the freedom to manage your weekday responsibilities and prioritize after hours personal demands and plan and ensure those special occasions that might otherwise never be brought to fruition. Imagine this delivered to you at the end of a stressful workweek: A weekend tour of a small vineyard with close friends you rarely get to see; a private chef dinner on a two-day lake trip; or a movie and lunch outing for a group of mothers wanting to enjoy social connections and the assurance of childcare.

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Graphic & Interior Design  

There are many shapes and organic physical attributes that go into Nafis Garrett Graphic and Interior Design. We believe that all art is inspired by nature.  We use our affinity towards our execution of art to perpetuate our natural stance. Art is in the blood of Nafis Garrett, who creates beautiful art for his clients and delivers lasting products effortlessly. It is our creative passion that burns without respite.

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